Spatulaception: Sold Out!

Legendary weapons disguised as spatulas are taking over the Cardano blockchain! 3k mint, 100% On-Chain, free mint. Sold out!


An army of rogue spatulas has escaped the lab! SpatulaBros is now SOLD OUT! All 10k SpatulaBros from Season 1 and 2 have now been minted. Find them now on JPG store.

FancyFortunes: Fortunes Forever!

The original FANCY NFT project returns! Minting now! Get your unique fortune today. You never know what you will get. Collect all 16 art pieces from the Chinese Zodiac! Mint 10 FancyFortunes NFTs for only 8 ADA. Use Idiotcoin and get 50% off!


The AdaIdiots drop is sold out! AdaIdiots is a dope pixel art meme CNFT project that originally accepted HOSKY token.

Idiotcoin: Faucet is live!

The Idiotcoin faucet is live! Send 2 ADA and get a random amount of this brand-new meme coin back. The faucet is nonprofit, so you only pay the transaction fee!



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