The FancyFinz have arrived on Cardano! 5555 on-chain pixel art NFTs featuring the citizens of Atlantis. 50% of mint proceeds will be donated to #TeamSeas to help clean our oceans.

About FancyFinz

Under the Sea...

Legend has it that when the Hellenic deities divided the natural world, Poseidon was given the island of Atlantis. Poseidon first had 10 children, 5 pairs of male twins that would be given the right to rule over Atlantis. The eldest, Atlas, was made king of the island and the ocean it belonged to naming it “the Atlantic”. The other 9 were made governors of different parts of Atlantis. All 5 pairs of twins, as well as 30 nobles who are Poseidon’s youngest children, are featured in this on-chain art NFT collection!

  • Original pixel art by Tobias Fancee and Tala0971

  • 100% On-Chain Art (No IPFS)

  • Unique Legendary Ancient Greek Names

  • Crazy combinations and rarities

  • 5555 mintage

  • Awesome profile pic pixel art to add to your collection

FancyFinz #TeamSeas Initiative

FancyFinz will donate 50% of mint proceeds and royalties collected for 2022 and 2023 to #TeamSeas to help clean our oceans!

FancyFinz is not affiliated with TeamSeas.


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